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In the Neighbourhood:
Here's a list of some businesses from around the Commercial Drive area. I only list the ones I really like myself. None of them have websites yet, so no links on this part of the page, just a directory.

[The old links to Main Street businesses are here.]

Continental Cafe 
1806 Commercial Drive
T: 604.255.0712

Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm
Saturday 8am - 6pm
Sunday 9am - 4pm

Their take: "We blend it your way."
Espresso Coffees * Whole Beans * Organic

My take: A very popular spot with numberous comfy sofa chairs, free wi-fi, and - oh yeah - yummy coffee. They roast their own beans, so you know it's as fresh as it gets.

Starbucks' take: 'Someday we'll have that corner too. Just you wait.'

The First Ravioli Store
1900 Commercial Drive
T: 604.255.8844

Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 9am - 5:30pm

Their take:Serving you since 1957.
We offer a full line of fresh and dry pasta and Italian specialties.

My take: The ladies who work here are the absolute best! They make the best pasta around and some of it is pretty fancy with designer striping and deluxe fillings.

They also have a fine selection meats and cheeses - maybe not quite as many as Santa Barbara, but enough that you can get what you want most of the time. What's the bonus here if you're shopping for meats and cheeses? No line up and lower prices. Oh, and the ladies.

Special offer: Ask for Tina and receive a 5% discount when you mention Adar Massage.

Room For Two
1409 Commercial Drive
T: 604.255.0508

Their take: Your Pregnancy Resource Centre

Business, dress and casual wear.
Breastfeeding products.
Breastpump sales and rentals.
Unique baby items, gifts, books, CDs, DVDs and videos.

My take: They have everything! It's the kind of old-fashioned store that stocks it all instead of going for that minimalist boutique look that some of the newer stores tend to have. Also, the owner is a doula and so is very knowledgable about pregnancy, birth and postnatal issues.

I should back up here a little bit and clarify that although the store layout is kind of old-school, the staff and products certainly are not. Some examples of slogans on the onesies (those one-piece outfits, for those who aren't in the know) they have in the window include: "Mutha Sucka", "Breast Man" and "Carpe Diem: Seize the Day and Scream all Night".

Finally, they are a very community-minded business, and I always appreciate that.

Perinatal Links
Pregnancy, Labour, Birth, Post-Partum, Breastfeeding, Parenting

Breastfeeding Online How to Know if a Health Care Professional is not Supportive of Breastfeeding.

La Leche League Vancouver: Information on meetings in Vancouver and leaders' contact info. There is no listing yet for the toddler breastfeeding group, but they meet at our studio (33-Commercial Drive) on the first Thursday of every month. Please go to the contact page and contact a leader for more infomation.

Who's who in the delivery room? A brief summary of the roles and status of family, friends and care providers in the hospital.

Blessingways: A blogger talks about her experience.

Pregnancy Sickness: Is Nausea in Pregnancy Nature's Way of Protecting The Fetus From Toxins?

Pregnancy Health Info: A local site that focusses on health in pregnancy from the folks at AcuBalance Wellness Centre.

Modern Kid
45 Water Street
T: 604.662.3181

Their take:A lifestyle store featuring a comprehensive collection of high quality, beautifully designed modern products for kids (0-6yrs) and parents.

ModernKid offers a carefully edited selection of play objects, artwork, linens, clothing, strollers, diaper bags, skincare and accessories as well as an exclusive collection of modern nursery and junior furniture designed to grow with your child. Sourced mainly from Europe and the United States, we are constantly on the look out for the latest and best in children’s product design and continually add to our growing collection. We have strict guidelines that determine what we carry at ModernKid. Products that make the grade have to benefit your child’s development, be made of high-quality materials, be thoughtfully designed, visually interesting and innovative.

My take: They were very friendly and helpful when I went in looking for a gift for my small cousin. I was searching for something that was made in Fair Trade conditions and that fit in my budget. She took about 10 minutes with me to help me to find just the thing - a handmade wooden toy from Denmark - and was equally cheerful when I said that I would come back another day to purchase it. This store is a real gem.

Alternative Health Links
Links on this page are provided for your convenience, as alternatives that might help you solve your health problems or questions. Adar Massage or its employees accept no responsibility in any way for actions of these suppliers or their products.

If you didn't find what you wanted here, try:

BoMi - Bodywork, Massage, Movement & Somatic Therapies Guide  A guide to over 80 body-centered methods of healing and personal growth. Related books, holistic practitioner listing, useful addresses and links.

Tampa Massage School- Cortiva Institute

Their take: Tampa Massage School provides the highest standards of excellence in massage therapy training.

My take: From a brief glance at their website, they look good. I did a quick background check online and couldn't find any evidence of complaints or lawsuits. Their diploma course is 750 hours, which puts it about 450 hours behind the Spa Practitioner Program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy and about 2,250 hours behind the Registered Massage Therapy program they offer. Couldn't find any info on cost, so that would be something to find out. Florida is nice though. No rainy winter.


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