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In the old Neighbourhood:
Adar Massage used to be located at Main and Broadway. While I was there, I had the opportunity to meet many local business people and enjoy their services and products. Though I am no longer in that neighbourhood, I've left these links here for those of you who are.

Our Town Cafe
245 East Broadway at Kingsway
T: 604.879.1924

Open 7 days a week
Early morning and into the night

Their take: A licensed Cafe featuring fair trade organic coffees and European style fare. Ambiance provided by local dkango, tango, classical, swing and bluegrass acts and Our Town's favourite musicals and classic movies.

My take: Some of THE best pastries in town. Their cinnamon buns are truly perfect: not too sweet, tender, delicious! Great foods for lunch including yummy soups (always with the ingredients listed for those with dietary considerations), and delicious grilled sandwiches. Super nice staff too.

Homer Simpson's take: mmmmmm...cinnamon buns.

Smoking Lily 
Note: You need to have pop-ups enabled if you want to navigate this site.
3634 Main Street
T: 604.873.5459

Their take: Smoking Lily was created by Trish and Julie in 1995. They were sharing a three bedroom house in Victoria B.C. and needed a third room-mate to cover the rent. Lily was invented and the spare room became a sewing and printing room.

In the summer of 1995 they began selling printed silk scarves at an outdoor market. The prints of insects, flies, or antique chairs were a big hit and came to epitomize the Smoking Lily look "when we first made stuff with the bug print" says Julie, "people would come up and say 'Oh, that's gross'. Most would then take a closer look and be intrigued by the appeal of the image out of its natural context. This repulsion/attraction aesthetic has become a recurring theme in our work".

My take: They sell undies with Trudeau silk-screened on them! Need I say more?

Trudeau's take: 'The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation... heh heh'

The Foundation
2301 Main Street
T: 604.708.0881

Their take: Vegan-friendly Vegetarian restaurant with many exciting dishes to choose from. So please come by and join us to enjoy an excellent meal in a chill, laid back atmosphere.

My take: Some really creative dishes here, one of my favourites being 'East Van Town', which is a surprisingly delicious combination of black beans, bananas and rice. Wow! The great bulk of their menu is adventurous in this fashion.

The decor is funky retro with quotes from artistic and political visionaries such as Che Guevara and Emma Goldman posted on the walls. Cool place altogether, and very nice staff.

Emma Goldman's take: 'If I can't eat mingling yams, I don't want to be part of your revolution'

12-2414 Main Street
T: 604.879.5962

Their take: Ricepaper is a literary and arts magazine committed to exploring the identity and perspectives of Asian Canadians. Featuring writers, musicians, and filmmakers of Pacific Asian and Hapa descent, Ricepaper showcases some of the finest works of Canada's urban talents.

Published quarterly by a group of dedicated volunteers, Ricepaper is an essential magazine for today's cultured reader.

My take: A très hip, finger on-the-pulse kind of mag.

My favourite article in the most recent edition was about Vancouver-born Tobias Wong, 'New York's slickest cultural entrepreneur'. He makes things like dreams in a bag, which is really just a bag full of air. He explains that there was one week where artists were being arrested for selling their wares on the street, so he wanted to put something out there that would confound that effort. 'The dreams were something between product and art, and I didn't get arrested.'

The Pope's take: 'They are destroying the Catholic family and must be stopped.'

Libby Davies
2412 Main Street
T: 604.254.2290

Their take: Libby Davies is a Canadian Member of Parliament for the New Democratic Party, representing the riding of Vancouver East in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Before being elected to Parliament, she participated in many grass-roots political organizations in Vancouver. She served five consecutive terms on the Vancouver City Council starting in 1982. She was first elected to Parliament in 1997.

Her principal issues include community safety, affordable housing, adequate childcare, and post-secondary education. Libby’s community office has helped hundreds of residents with federal government matters such as immigration, student loans, employment insurance, taxation, pensions, and Aboriginal affairs..

Born in 1953 in England, Libby came to Canada in 1968. She moved to Vancouver in 1969 and has one son, Lief Eriksen. She lives with her partner, Kimberly Elliott.

My take: Yay Libby!!!!

East Vancouver's take (as reflected in the last several elections): 'Yay Libby!'


Pan-o-Pan Fine Foods
235 East Broadway
T: 604.879.9146

Their take: Lemon-infused oil, sesame ginger seafood marinade, Stilton and port cream, chocolate-covered strawberries – Marta Pan has been hand-making her memorable Slow Food-influenced delicacies for years.

A Dubrulle-trained veteran of Vancouver restaurants L’Arena and the Vancouver Lawn Badminton and Tennis Club, Marta was the principal sous-chef and recipe developer for the last three seasons of the highly successful foodie show, the Surreal Gourmet. She produces a wide spectrum of useful and innovative items, from sauces, condiments and dips to entrees and sweet treats that bring new, intense flavours to your kitchen. As one satisfied client reported, “Everyone is still talking about the food.”

Add a professional touch to a cocktail party with novel hors d’oeuvres presented in crunchy wonton cups, crisp parmesan cones and daikon radish flowers, filled with duck confit, tuna caper cream or wild mushroom mousse. Your guests will remember your dinner party due to extraordinary entrees such as tandoori gnocchi, osso buco or braised shortribs, topped off with rich chocolate-almond clusters as a parting gift.

My take: The food is superb and well-priced. If you are in a rush after work and need to have something fast but don't want to pay restaurant prices, this is an excellent alternative.

The space they are in has been redone by Marta and Winston (the owners) and it looks great. Plus, they are tremendously warm and welcoming, and so excited about their new venture.

Rx Comics 
2418 Main Street
T: 604.454.5099
F: 604.454.5097

Their take: We've got the prescription for your addiction. Comics, Toys and Stuff. Buy Sell Trade. [They're comic geeks, what do you want?]

My take: Well actually, although I have purchased a few comics there and have been pleased with what I got, I thought I'd call my comic-obsessed pal, Justin, to ask him for his take.

Justin's take: They deal with a lot of indie comix and they are tiny.

[When pressed for more details, he continued]

Pretty decent back issue thing. There are a lot of comic stores in Vancouver and out of about 20 comic shops, RX and Lucky's (another main street comic shop) are the only ones who really deal in indie comics.

Superman's take: 'Hi, you've reached Superman. I'm busy reading Y: The Last Man right now, but leave your message after the beep and I'll get back to you.'

Perinatal Links
Pregnancy, Labour, Birth, Post-Partum, Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Online How to Know if a Health Care Professional is not Supportive of Breastfeeding.

La Leche League Vancouver: Information on meetings in Vancouver and leaders' contact info. There is no listing yet for the toddler breastfeeding group, but they meet at our studio (33-Commercial Drive) on the first Thursday of every month. Please go to the contact page and contact a leader for more infomation.

Who's who in the delivery room? A brief summary of the roles and status of family, friends and care providers in the hospital.

Blessingways: A blogger talks about her experience.

Pregnancy Sickness: Is Nausea in Pregnancy Nature's Way of Protecting The Fetus From Toxins?

Alternative Health Links:
Links on this page are provided for your convenience, as alternatives that might help you solve your health problems or questions. Adar Massage or its employees accept no responsibility in any way for actions of these suppliers or their products.

If you didn't find what you wanted here, try: BoMi - Bodywork, Massage, Movement & Somatic Therapies Guide  A guide to over 80 body-centered methods of healing and personal growth. Related books, holistic practitioner listing, useful addresses and links.


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