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Adar Massage
In studio or to your location.

Adar Perinatal & Doula Services
At home or in-hospital

By appointment only.

Centrally located near Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC

778-VIP-CARE (847-2273)


Rates and Specials

Rates       Specials      

By appointment only.
Same-day appointments are often available.
Call 778-VIP-CARE (847-2273) to book.

In-office rates:
1 hour $80
1 ½ hours $110
2 hours $140

Out-of-office rates:
1 hour $130
1 ½ hours $170
2 hours $200

Please note:

Doula Rates
Please click here for rates and other info about doula services with Adar Massage.

Specials and Packages

Mama Bliss!
Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Package - $260

Massage can help to minimize some of the common discomforts and pains during pregnancy. Pregnancy massage takes into consideration your needs as you experience the dramatic changes of the childbearing year - pregnancy, birth, and post-partum.

Choose any 4 one-hour sessions from the following services:

* Prenatal massage
* Post-natal massage
* Partner massage - for your partner or other support person

Deluxe Mama Bliss!
Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Package - $310

If you'd like to have a little extra indulgence, choose this pampering package which includes everything that is in the Basic version, but one of the massages takes place in your own location. Let me make your home into a mini-spa so that you can sink into a blissful state of deep relaxation.

Choose any 4 one-hour sessions - including the one at-home massage - from the following services:

* Prenatal massage
* Labour massage - at your location.
* Post-natal massage
* Partner massage - for your partner or other support person

MamaBliss Massage Package
**Please note that for the on-location massage, distances over 10 kilometres from First Avenue and Commercial Drive in Vancouver will be charged at $2 per kilometer.**

Referral Rewards
Refer a new client to Adar Massage and receive an additional 15 minutes on your next massage.

Credit from up to four offers may be used together if you wish.

Gift Certificates are also available. Payment can be made online with Paypal, through the mail with a cheque or in person at Adar Massage.

Massage for Two
A tandem massage is also a popular gift. Adar Massage frequently teams up with Pure Harmony Massage for onsite massage of two people at once.

Clients for this service have included couples celebrating their anniversaries, and friends, or mums and daughters as a part of a special day together.

Please note, as with all services provided by Adar Massage, this service is strictly non-sexual.

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"I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I found each session. I know my body definately benefited from each massage."

- Danielle

"Aimée found creative ways to make me comfortable while on the table and made sure the points of tension were reached. I found that my back pain lessened, my pregnancy anxiety became subtler, and I was able to work up until the eighth month.

The power of massage during this life change has also brought me more in touch with my and my baby's mental and physical health."

- Shana Lee